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Process Serving Info

According to the 5th and 14th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution, no man can have property taken without due process of the law.  

Serving legal process follows three elements: identifying the person to which the writ is served; identifying yourself as a RI Constable, and informing the recipient of the general nature of the papers served.

Intregrity of the server is the guiding principle which allows the due process of the law to be intitiated.

HUGHES documents all factors of the service including physical description, employement and motor vehicle information.    The returns are scanned and saved into our data base.   HUGHES can retrieve proofs of service going back to 1993.

HUGHES, through affilated process servers, can effect service of process throughout the United States and the world.

Over the years, HUGHES has effected some of the following services and executions:

-Seized $100,000.00 worth of French perfume.

-Served a Writ of Replevin and returned to the plaintiff; 4000 pound printing presses.

-Located, and arranged for service on a defendant on a golf course at TPC San Francisco within four hours of receiving the assignment.

-Wrestled a .32 revolver from a defendant's hand at the an eviction.

-Safely- relocated two Llamas from an unsafe habitat.

-Arranged for service of process in Haiti.

-Serves legal process in multilingual Providence.

- Arrested a person for whom the Providence Police- under long time department instructions - will not arrest.

- Effected the collection (execution) of a debt by placing a " keeper"  next to a debtor/restaurant's cash register.   The monies were taken from the register hourly until the debt was paid.

- Auction off a South County motel to satisfy a Judgment.

- Recorded court levies with local municipal clerks.

- Under a Letters Rogatory Commission, our office notary issued a Rhode Island Subpoenas Duces Tecum.   This constable  then served these subpoenas on the same day to multiple custodians of record from Woonsocket to Westerly.